EFFECTIVE GREEN CLEANING for the 21st century! More effective than chemicals, the revolutionary Micro-fiber technology cleans surfaces using water ONLY. Due to high absorbtion characteristics, it eliminates most paper towel usage; and due to it's high durability, it is good through hundreds of washings. 

THE AMAZING CLOTH does not need chemicals or soaps to cut stickiness, grease & grime from the surfaces. It effectively removes - with water only: grease, grime, dirt, bugs, tar, smoke, fingerprints, stickiness, brake dust, boot marks, dog nose prints and more. 

GUARANTEED NOT to leave streaks, spots (lint or dust) on any hard surfaces including windows, windshields, mirrors, Lexan, corian, granite, glass-topped & black appliances. Did we mention chrome, stainless steel, porcelain & laminates? Oh yeah... and then there's shower doors, fiberglass, ceramic tile, hardwood & leather... get the picture? 


•window cleaners & glass cleaners 
•windshield cleaners
•appliance cleaners 
•surface & floor cleaners 
•wet mop refills

Due to the savings of time, money & frustration - not to mention exposure to chemicals - it has quickly become the favorite of all professionals.

Windows - Mirrors
Glass - Crystal
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Laminates - Corian - Granite - Marble - Stainless Steel - Cabinets - Microwaves
Micro-fiber's Benefits
  1) Cleans without chemicals, cleaners or polishers 
  2) Micro-fiber cloths can be washed and still retain the effectiveness 
  3) Micro-fiber cloths replace paper towels, sponges and chemicals 
  4) Surfaces are left sparkling clean, streak and lint free 
  5) Dust, pollen and allergens cling to the micro-fiber cloth until they 
      are rinsed out 
  6) Dust without polish 
  7) You can wash the car and clean the car windows with the 
     same cloth 
  8) Eliminates cleaners or any products that may cause allergic
  9) Chemical free house cleaning 
10) Environmentally safe cleaning product 

SAFE TO USE on Lexan, Plexiglass, Fiberglass, Silver, Brass, 
Chrome, Mirrors, Glass, or any hard surface.

It Will Not Scratch | No Chemicals Needed | No Streaks | No Water Spots | Keeps The Glare away! 
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Ceramic Tile, Chrome, Shower Doors, Porcelain, Fiberglass, Cultured Marble, Tubs
Blinds, Wood, Floors, Walls, Plasma/LCD TVs, Computer Screens
iPads, Cell Phones, Chrome, Paint, Plexiglas, Vinyl, Fiberglass